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i was hanging around across the pokernews sites and stumble about an interestant Article.

Well, i wrote about the the theory of weak poker sites long ago. Let me translate into poor german english:
I will describe it from  my point of view as a bonuswhore. I did around 40 rooms, so i think i have a good experience in this things :-)

There ist one main Fact: There is a different game on Pussypoker, Pokerstars, Partypoker, Fulltilt & Co. Pussypoker is a synonym for an provider, whose focus is on other things than poker and who´s got less poker players. This means that there are different player types on eacht site. I divide this providers into three groups:
  • Sport Betting: The main crowd of the gamblers comes from sportsbetting to poker. --> easy opponents. Such as Betfair and Stryyke.
  • Casino: A bigger part of gamblers wants to play Poker from time to time instead of Online-Roulette or Online-Craps --> That are by far the easiest opponents. For example: Bodog and Mansion
  • Small Poker provider, which approach a special Poker patronage with a niche strategy. For example a local brand as redstar (many russians).
To proof is very easy: Look at the seefloprate on this sites and compare to Pokerstars. Pokerstars = Less Players on the Flop. Stryyke, Mansion, Redstar Poker = everybody calls :-) So i think on this sites the games are much more softer an on Stars and Full Tilt.

There is the general opinion, that the bigger the bonus, the more fish there is. That´s correct, if you see, how tight it is on Pokerstars an Fulltilt. This providers are not known to offer good bonus. So, give small rooms a chance!

P.S.: Or do only bonuswhores play there, which leads to the theory that we are bad players :-)

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